The commemoration of the 16th of June every year as the day of the African child calls for much introspection and commitment towards addressing the gross challenges in ensuring education for all children especially in volitile African environments where there is limitations in the application of a child rights based approach in developmental efforts and policies are insufficient to bridge the disparities for the rural ,marginalized and minority groups.This day can only make sense if

Our work in May:By Sandra Muzama

Posted on June 7, 2021

The month of May has been busy as usual for us as an organization. We acknowledge the wide gaps that still exist and need our attention in the communities we work in but our mandate stands and the vision is not wavered. We foresee a positive transformation of our society through the work the we are doing. We have successfully supported 21 girls to stay in school and not succumb to early marriage by paying
“How To Make A Police Report For A Rape Or Sexual Gender Based Violence Offense? – HealthTimes”
    The point of defination to child marriage in Zimbabwe can be highly contested with difficulty in encapsulating into one universal meaning. In most cases child marriage is contextualised only when a girl gets pregnant. However child marriage is simply any act of sexual violation of a minor and starts at the instance of a sexual encounter with or without pregnancy. Sexual activity with minor that is perceived to have been consensual is also

Covid -19 rolled back academics

Posted on March 16, 2021

With the Covid 19 pandemic disproportionately affecting certain sectors of society, adolescents and young people(AYPs) have been grossly worn down, cutting them from attending schools and having contact with their peers, the chaos at universities and exams debacle combined with the impact of losses in livelihoods at household level together with the resultant mental trauma and a plethora of otherĀ  uncertainties lying ahead. It is undoubtedly true that academics have been severely rolled backwards because


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