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ROOTS envisions a world that respects, protects, and honours the rights and dignity of Adolescents and Young People (AYP).


Empowering Adolescents and Young People (AYP) to become agents of social change through promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights, advancing economic empowerment and reducing gender-based violence.


The lack of economic development of young people in Zimbabwe continues to be a challenge in both rural and urban areas. Studies in 2014 reveal that over 70% of the youth in Zimbabwe remain unemployed yet require economic stability for personal development. The personal development of young people is crucial to the development of the country’s
economic stability as a whole. Additionally, empirical evidence suggests that challenges that inhibit enjoyment of sexual reproductive health rights for young women are linked to lack of economic justice. ROOTS recognizes that young women do not live in isolation hence the need to engage young men as well to ultimately build a cadre of young people who are responsible and economically empowered. ROOTS’ work is premised on the fact that if chances of young people to access resources are increased, coupled with leadership and assertive skills, young people can break the cycle of poverty that exists in many communities and increase their life choices and options. This will cater for both the development and enjoyment of SRHR for young women and men.

Our Values

In an effort to be thoughtful, deliberate and visionary about decision-making and implementation within ROOTS, the core values of the organization have been set forth:
1. Integrity- ROOTS strives to work in the service of AYP’s existing and emerging needs.
2. Teamwork– ROOTS’s secretariat and Board of Trustees bring together diverse expertise and knowledge base. The organization realizes that taping into and harnessing the abilities of its members will advance the mission and vision of ROOTS
3. Partnership and collaborations- ROOTS recognizes that their target population (youth) will benefit extremely when the organization shares and collaborates on its time, energy, resources and expertise.
4. Accountability– ROOTS is committed to acknowledging responsibility and accounting for actions, programs, decisions, and policies within the scope of its work and functions.
5. Adaptability– ROOTS has every intention of being a flexible and dynamic organization that is able, capable and willing to adapt to the evolving needs of youths
6. Meaningful Empowerment— ROOTS is committed to action that supports the conversion of grassroots efforts into measurable and sustainable empowerment efforts.


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