AFDB donates food packs to ROOTS

February 4, 2021

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The African Development Bank through recommendations from the Higher life foundation extended alms to ROOTS by donating food packs worth 12 000 us dollars aimed at benefiting the vulnerable in Mazowe during lockdown. The Corona virus has resulted in depleted incomes and livelihoods, paving way for spiraling poverty and food insecurity at household level. Initially when the Corona virus hit Zimbabwe last year and the first ever lockdown was imposed, the organization responded by running a go fund me campaign that managed to canvass funds enough to feed about 300 families around Harare, Chitungwiza, Epworth, Mazowe, Bindura and Shamva. The call for food relief was overwhelming especially for an organization which does not directly program around food relief. It then gives both a boost of confidence and moral when other organizations appreciate ROOTS’ efforts and extend a hand towards this humanitarian endevour. The food packs that have been donated aim to alleviate chronic food insecurity which is endemic during pandemics that cripple economies and ultimately livelihoods even at household level such as Corona virus. An approximated 300 more families will benefit from this food donation which includes a consortium of basic commodities such as mealie meal, sugar, cooking oil, beans, some sanitary wear amongst other food stuffs. The current lockdown has been as a result of the escalating numbers of covid 19 cases in the country which was realised soon after the Christmas holiday and the government had to quickly act to contain further transmission by imposing a lockdown.


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