In Schools Festival

April 24, 2019

In School Festival
On the 29th of March, Cranham Secondary hosted the in school festival competition which was coupled with learning and edutainment in the form of drama, music, poetry and dance. The festival witnessed a stiff competition between the two schools namely Cranham and Shingirirai CultureActions Clubs as they competed in a number of different disciplines while at the same time revealing the impacts of GBV, child marriage and climate change. The event attracted 600 people more specifically 400 students and 200 parents. Stakeholders such as the DSI, Ministry of Women Affairs, VFU, Ministry of Health, and Department of Social Welfare were also participants during the festival.
The festival functioned as a tool to inform the students and parents of the program’s commitment to challenge retrogressive social norms of GBV, child marriage and the mainstreaming of climate change through the transformative power of creative art. The two school received 3 thumb pianos each as an honor and all top students won 20 exercise books, pens and rulers as prices.


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