365 Days of Activism Against GBV

December 27, 2017

gonyetiThe 16 days of Activism against Gender Based Violence saw the CultureACTIONs program implementing a GBV awareness road show in Ward 14 Heyshort Farm and Ward 22 Jumbo. The road shows were meant to sensitize the communities of the importance of a peaceful homestead free from the vices of emotional, physical, emotional and economic abuse in both domestic and public spaces. The road shows were greeted with excitement from the community as they were endowed with creative and innovative messaging against GBV through music, dance, satire, quiz competitions and strong messages from various stakeholders, castigating the scourge of GBV whilst also highlighting services were victims can get assistance from perpetrators of GBV. The road shows also accompanied family planning services to the communities amongst the stakeholders who supported the road show included the Department of Social Welfare, Ministry of Sports, Arts and Culture, AWET, Young Advocates Zimbabwe, Community Care Workers, ZAPSO and Local Leadership


The communities were receptive and accommodating of the messages that were being sent against GBV as they alluded to the need for peace in the homestead which was necessary for family growth and greater prosperity. However the communities had low knowledge levels on were to report or get assistance when faced with incidences of GBV which was well  addressed at the roadshows as communities were directed to  various service providers  which included the Police Victim Friendly Unit, Government ministries, departments and Civil Society Organizations in Mazowe District


In Jumbo (ward 22) a culture of violence was prevalent in the communities as many women attested to being victimized by their husbands at least once in their lifetime, emanating from a multi-cultural system found in mining and farming communities found in the area. Violence has caused discord among families and communities as most individuals have now abandoned their communal way of life in favor of fast lifestyle in the highly populated compounds of Jumbo Mine and surrounding farming communities. In Jumbo, Dogford Shopping Centre which is frequented by sex workers, heavy substance and drug abuse has been a major driver of GBV related incidences in the community as mostly men are tempted into infidelity leading to problems in the household

In Heyshott (ward14)  the community highlighted knowledge on the GBV issues expressing full knowledge on some forms of violence especially physical abuse and sexual abuse; however communities need more knowledge on other forms of abuse which include economic and emotional abuse .The shortage of income generating projects mostly for women has led to some women to suffer in silence against domestic violence in homes in the hope of safeguarding their marriages and protection of their children’s welfare. The impact of GBV was noted to be mostly seasonal especially when farmers receive their crop returns or miners receive their salaries as most households struggle to effectively budget their revenues with some men resorting to prostitutes, young wives, alcohol leading to major violations in GBV


The presence of man and boys in both the roadshows was encouraging in entrenching the message of mutual respect and restraint in relationships with their counterparts. It was also noted that not only women were victims of GBV as their male counterparts were also victims of the scourge of GBV but feared victimization whilst reporting on the GBV related incidences, thus the need for a holistic approach to uproot GBV in Mazowe District


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