On Saturday the 13th ROOTS had ROOTS AYP Bloggers and Podcasters training in Harare. The event was an exciting one and our AYP learnt a lot about SRHR, Podcasting and Blogging and we closed off with an award giving ceremony. Performances from Team Illusion definitely made the event unforgetable Special thank you to all the young people who showed up, our trainers: Tinashe Bonde Gondai R Bangidza, our facilitators: Karen Whitney Maturure, Junior Chirikuutsi Gambura,
On the 27th of June this year we hosted a successful late Commemoration of the Day of the African Child in Mazowe. Such beautiful performances from students from Shingirirayi and Cranham School. We were surprised by one of our partners, ZISAF with their exchange program students from South Africa who showcased some lovely cultural dances. We continue to advocate for the rights of Children, also emphasising issues around quality education. Thank you to everyone who
Under Culture Actions, ROOTS has been working towards enhanced capacities of communities to actively promote climate change awareness and environmental sustainability. The following activities have been carried out this year: 1.Climate Change Sessions (out of school) Here most activities targeted climate change pillar, therefore all out of school sessions conducted were mainly focusing on climate change. Ward 14 & 31 reported well on sessions’ conduction however, there were challenges in mobilizing community members in ward

AYP Discussions on Cam

Posted on August 1, 2019

For many of young, the onset of adolescence brings not only changes to their bodies but also new vulnerabilities to human rights abuses, particularly in the arenas of sexuality, marriage and childbearing. Millions of girls are coerced into unwanted sex or marriage, putting them at risk of unwanted pregnancies, unsafe abortions, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV, and dangerous childbirth. Adolescent boys are at risk, as well. Young people – both boys and girls –

Day of the African Child Celebrations

Posted on August 1, 2019

The Day of the African Child (DAC) is commemorated in June every year continues to raise awareness on the rights of the children. Mazowe District celebrated the day on the 27th of June at Shingirirai High School in support of the rights of children through denouncing the societal scourge of marrying children under the age of 18. DAC was commemorated under the theme Humanitarian Action in Africa: Children’s Rights First.  The theme reiterates that the


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