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ROOTS envisions economically empowered young people with greater control over their sexual reproductive health and personal development.


The organization’s mission is to become a vehicle that promotes economic justice for young people to recognize and realize their personal development and sexual reproductive health rights.


The lack of economic development of young people in Zimbabwe continues to be a challenge in both rural and urban areas. Studies in 2014 reveal that over 70% of the youth in Zimbabwe remain unemployed yet require economic stability for personal development. The personal development of young people is crucial to the development of the country’s
economic stability as a whole. Additionally, empirical evidence suggests that challenges that inhibit enjoyment of sexual reproductive health rights for young women are linked to lack of economic justice. ROOTS recognizes that young women do not live in isolation hence the need to engage young men as well to ultimately build a cadre of young people who are responsible and economically empowered. ROOTS’ work is premised on the fact that if chances of young people to access resources are increased, coupled with leadership and assertive skills, young people can break the cycle of poverty that exists in many communities and increase their life choices and options. This will cater for both the development and enjoyment of SRHR for young women and men.

Our Values

Integrity – We are a learning institution that introspect on itself and we demand the same for the communities we work with for us to become a sustainable organization.

Leadership – We value courage and independent thinking.

Diversity – Each young person has unique story. We embrace our differences as young women and men and believe in our youthfulness can collectively work towards the economic empowerment of young people and happy families.


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