Culture Actions Climate Change Awareness Activities in Mash Central

August 5, 2019

Under Culture Actions, ROOTS has been working towards enhanced capacities of communities to actively promote climate change awareness and environmental sustainability. The following activities have been carried out this year:

1.Climate Change Sessions (out of school)

Here most activities targeted climate change pillar, therefore all out of school sessions conducted were mainly focusing on climate change. Ward 14 & 31 reported well on sessions’ conduction however, there were challenges in mobilizing community members in ward 22 due to gold rush happening in the ward. The sessions on climate change were well delivered and this was evidenced through support visits done by ROOTS. Resource monitors, WARDCO and VIDCO committee member were also reported as supported the sessions within their wards and this made easier for facilitators to help each other in responding to questions posed by participants.

2. Creative Arts training

On the 24th of May, ZISAF conducted creative arts training for CultureActions in school focal teachers for the two schools and community facilitators for ward 22. A total of 13 people were trained on how to engage students and community members on the project’s objectives through using creative arts. The training was of paramount importance as it reflected the how some issues such as GBV cases can be reported through the use of drama.


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